Principle Marine Character M70 Pistol
Item # P00194

SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND - Principle Marine Character M70 Pistol



This non-firing futuristic prop weapon was used by some of the Marine characters in the television series “Space: Above and Beyond”. A motion picture weapons specialist created the concept, design, and mold of this prop gun specifically for use on the production. The fictional “M70” pistol was originally molded from a Glock 17L and the green slide cover, magazine bumper, and extended “flash hider” muzzle were added to give the prop a more futuristic appearance. The attached scope is an actual working Aim Tech scope with aluminum tubing attached to the side.

The original onscreen version of this prop was painted orange with a light mounted inside of the flash hider, and was used as a training gun attached to a VR video game/training simulator used by the character “Cooper Hawkes” (Rodney Rowland) in Episode 2 of the series. The design was later converted to have a green color and the M70 became the principle sidearm used by all the Marine characters in the series. This prop was used by multiple actors in background and non-firing scenes over the course of filming the show’s single season.

The prop is in good screen worn condition with minor evidence of wear from its use on the production and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the show’s weapons specialist.

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